Name:Chris Birch
AGE: 27
Nationality: British
Hometown: Haverhill, Suffolk
LIVES:  Spain
Moto since : 1998
Started FMX: 2002
Bike: KTM 250SX 2012
Hobbies: BMX, Riding my mx bike, surfing, RC cars, Ping pong, gym , Facebook, freestyle  moto x shows.
Achievments : Masters of Dirt 2012, 2011 British FMX Champion, Red Bull X-FIGHTERS 2010, Red Bull X-FIGHTERS 2009, GSMA Gladiator Games 2009, Red Bull X-FIGHTERS Exhibition  Tpir, ROC Race OF Champions, IFMA Ramp TO Ramp Tour 2007

Name:John Pearson
Age: 28
Nationality: British
Hometown: Preston
Moto Since : 1992
Started FMX: 2001
Bike: CRF 450 2012 Model
Hobbies : FMX, Motocross,Short Track Racing Welding and faricating
Achievements : First person in UK to land the back flip , 2007 BIG AIR JAM  Sick Trick Winner, Broke FMX Boss.

Name:Daniel Veale
Age: 35
Nationality: British
Hometown: Vigo Kent
Moto Since : 1983
Started FMX: 1999
Bike: CRF 250 2012 Model
Hobbies : FMX, Motocross, BMX, Music 
Achievements :Former School boy motocross champion, 2003 Red Bull Freestyle Tour, 2009 Big Air Jam 2nd Best whip, 2012 Broke FMX tour

Name:Jamie Squibb
Age: 30
Nationality: British
Hometown: Exeter
Moto Since : 1988
Started FMX: 1998
Bike: Yamaha 250cc
Hobbies : FMX, Motocross, Minibikes, Digger Driving 
Achievements :3 time NASS FMX Champion  2 time AirWars Champion  2009 Big Air Jam Champion

Name:Stuart Macey
Age: 26
Nationality: British
Hometown: Gravesend
Moto Since : 2005
Started FMX: 2008
Bike: Honda CRF 450
Hobbies : FMX, Motocross, BMX MUSIC
Achievements :2nd in Bolddog fmx amateur comp, 1st in Air Devils amateur comp

Name:Jon Ritchie
Age: 28
Nationality: British
Hometown: Maidstone
Moto Since : 2005
Started FMX: 2008
Bike: Yamaha YZ250
Hobbies : FMX, Motocross, BMX  

Name: Ryan Pasch
Hometown: Leicester
moto since: 2001
Started FMX: 2006
Bike: CRF 250 2011
hobbies: FMX, Motorcross, martial arts, Snowboarding.

Name:Kye Forte
Age: 28
Nationality: British
Hometown: Newton Abbot
Moto Since : N/A
Started FMX: N/A
Bike: BMX
Hobbies : FMX, Motocross, BMX  
Achievements :Kye Forte has been an active professional BMX rider for over ten years now, with an impressive contest history, his own signature BMX parts and appearances on multiple magazine covers, billboards and advertisements. Known for his positive attitude and professional commitment, Kye has also achieved great things off his BMX, including the concept of the hugely successful
Red Bull Empire Of Dirt Event and the Oakley National Trails Championships.

Name: Gary Jenkins.
Age: 29.
Nationality: Welsh. 
Hometown: Newtown. 
Moto since: 1994. 
Started Trials: 1995. 
Bike: MRS Sherco 300. 
Hobbies: Trials, Enduro, Rugby.
Achievements: 8 times Welsh Trials Champion (2001-2009).
British Expert E3 Enduro Champion (2011).
International Tough One Extreme Enduro - Expert Winner.

Name: Ben Robinson.
Age: 26.
Nationality: British.
 Hometown: Eastbourne. 
Moto since: 1994. 
Started FMX: 2009 
Bike: Suzuki RM250. 
Hobbies: Music , Motocross FMX  
Achievements: AFMX Jam winner

*Please note we reserve the rights to change the line up without notice


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