Thursday 19 May 2016

Watch Twitch, Tyler Bereman, and Darryn Durham take it Into The Hills

Some crispy freeriding from Beaumont, So-Cal The guys at Transworld Motocross were recently treated to an afternoon with Stenberg, Bereman and Durham - after a burst of rainfall cooked up perfect riding conditions. With a simple GoPro setup in tow, here's the best of the shoot - steezy freeriding at its finest.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Watch Ronnie Renner say goodbye to the winter in style

Three timbersleds and an awful lot of powder means some dream riding

In the northern hemisphere we're welcoming the transition to summer and all the opportunites to take part in and watch our favourite sports that brings. However, that doesn't mean we've got anything against the cold or especially the snow. Snow-adapted MX bikes have been doing the rounds for a few years now, but this past winter we saw some awesome edits as riders got to grips with what they were capable of and how you could film them.

So before the snow melts and we move on to worrying about the outdoor MX season, Red Bull's Ronnie Renner took a trip to backcountry Idaho to track down snowbike riders Brock Hoyer and Reagan Seig and see what he could learn. The result is some stunning footage of a style of riding that's sill being defined. How long 'til we see a backflip

Sunday 15 May 2016

Watch Jacko Strong preparing the infamous 12-pack for his Headstong film


It takes a lot of effort to look that effortless

We love a good edit or action-sports movie. Almost any kind too - whether it's FMX, surfing or Extreme Ironing - the balance of performance and reality makes for something you can be blown away and inspired by.
But we're also big fans of a decent behind the scenes video - they're often the part we most look forward to. They're a chance to show just how much hard work and effort goes into making something look effortless and cool as f**k. And this video fits the bill, as we look behind one of our favourite movies of last year: Jackson Strong's "Headstrong".
One of the movie's centrepieces was the insane "12-pack" run of jumps, and here we get a look at just how much refinement and care went into making sure Jacko was on the right side of the thin line between epic and disaster.

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Watch Taka Higashino Cali Rollin' in Cali

Taka doing what comes naturally round at Ronnie Faisst's compound

The guys from FIST Handwear found themselves in So Cal earler this year, and made a stop by Faisst's Murrieta setup to catch up with one of their riders.
Taka took advantage of the spanking conditions - barely a cloud to be seen, no wind and just the right amount of moisture in the ground - to show off the sort of slick executions and ridiculous extensions he's known for.

It's all about making plans in FSX first fresh issue of the year...

For Ken Block, the new year means a new Gymkhana - and we're taking a look behind the scenes at his latest Dubai-shot tyre-shredding extravaganza. We also have Michael Laverty sitting down with UK MotoGP rider Bradley Smith for an in-depth chat about progression in the sport and Czech snowboarder Šárka Pančochová tells us how she got back into the sport after the grind of the pro circuit took the joy out of it. We also have columns from WSBK rider Josh Brookes and FMXer Steve Sommerfeld. Plus we talk to Ben Townley, Rob Adelberg and Sam Pilgrim - and look inside Japan's GoBig and the Aus-X Open supercross. Head to
Enjoy the issue!