Wednesday 27 February 2013

2013 FMX Farm Jam Highlights

New Zealand's Farm Jam looks like one hell of an impressive event for a Freestyle location. In fact, if you squint your eyes real tight and look really carefully, you'll spot Frodo and Samwise on their journey to Mordor in the background.

This year, the Unit Farm Jam, attracted some great freestyle motocross, BMX and MTB talent, who clearly relished the chance to get stuck into the incredible jumps.
The 2013 winners were Nick Franklin (FMX), Andreu Lacondeguy (MTB) and Kyle Baldock (BMX).
Also, check out some footage from the MTB contest below:

Monday 18 February 2013

Mini Pulls off first car backflip

What happens when you drink too much Monster energy?  You get a John Cooper Works Mini Countryman, and convince French Rally Raid world champion, Guerlain Chicherit, to make it do a backflip.

This is what the manufacturer claims is the world's first successful backflip in a car. It took Checherit four years to plan the stunt, which involved him jumping the car, flipping it, then landing on a 8-meter high snow ramp in French ski resort, Tignes.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Motocross Casino Freestyle Nitro Circus Style

So, you've already seen Robbie Maddison in an Airplane Graveyard this morning. Why not watch
Gavin Godfrey ride a motocross bike through the Eureka Casino in Nevada this afternoon?

This particular jaunt is to advertise Nitro Circus visiting the Mesquite Off-road Weekend on Feb 22nd-23rd. You can find out more at the Facebook page:

Robbie Maddison Air.Craft Movie

We've waited patiently and here it is: Robbie Maddison and DC's Air.Craft movie!

Robbie ‘Maddo’ Maddison is no stranger to danger. In fact, the two must be pretty good buddies by now. Over the course of his illustrious career, the daredevil motocross rider has picked up X Games medals, won rounds of the Red Bull X Fighters and completed some of the most daring, record-breaking stunts ever seen. Maddo is the only man in the world who has backflipped London’s Tower Bridge, jumped a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, leapt the Corinth Canal in Greece and flew nearly 400 feet over the San Diego Bay. He’s even acted as Daniel Craig’s stunt double in the recent James Bond movie Skyfall. Not your average day job.

So, when Maddo and his chief sponsor DC Shoes announced a new short film called Air.Craft would drop early February, we could not wait to see what the daring Aussie had up his sleeve.

Filmed in the famous Mojave Airplane Graveyard (known as ‘the Boneyard’) amongst over 4000 retired military aircraft, Maddo has once again raised the bar for bravery and freestyle innovation. Check out the Air.Craft video above!

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Red Bull Stratos: The Final Facts

For the last three months, Red Bull has been doing some serious number crunching to get the official statistics for Felix Baumgartner's incredible Red Bull Stratos freefall jump from space. We were sent all the facts and figures in a massive press release yesterday but, to be honest, all the numbers made our eyes hurt.

Conveniently, Red Bull are well aware that most people are lazy sods who don't like reading lots of words, so they made this dramatic CGI recreation of the event with some easy-to-digest figures. Bit of a shame they didn't recreate his worrying Mach 1.25 spin as he dropped to earth but maybe they're saving that for another day.

Couple of things we did pick up from the press release that this video doesn't explain: Baumgartner's maximum vertical speed has been revised to 843.6 mph (up from 833.9 mph) but the distance he jumped has been recalculated to 38,969.4 m (from 39,045 m). So, much easier then.

Monday 4 February 2013


Pirelli takes its 58 World MX title winning tyres to the popular AMCA Wulfsport British Masters Motocross Championship, becoming a major sponsor of the series. The agreement will see Pirelli running competitions to give free tyres as prizes and three lucky riders a dream trip to the Ricky Carmichael University!

Pirelli has offered up a large number of their market leading Scorpion MX tyres as prizes for riders in the two main classes - which will now be known as Pirelli MX1 and Pirelli MX2. To support racers using Pirelli, the best performing riders will be eligible for these free tyres to keep down the cost of racing at this important grassroots series. 

The Pirelli rider with the best results from these two classes and the exciting Youth Mini Masters division will be picked to spend time at the unique Ricky Carmichael University. Riders will get a fantastic riding experience with this US MX legend which can only help their future racing progression. The series will also benefit from a guest appearance from CLS Kawasaki and Pirelli MX star Tommy Searle, probably the UK’s most promising young rider.

The AMCA Wulfsport British Masters Championship has a long and proud history acting as a breeding ground for talented motocross riders. The depth of talent in both the MX1 and MX2 classes is arguably the strongest it’s been making for close, exciting racing. There has been a knock-on effect in the IMBA series as the AMCA has performed strongly on the International stage. The widely supported series boasts impressive entries and has been won by such motocross luminaries as Jamie Dobb, Brad Anderson and Tanel Leok.

Pirelli has an enviable heritage in Motocross with Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings notching the Italian brand’s latest World Championship crowns extending their tally to 58 World titles. The legendary Pirelli Scorpion MX tyres again took on and excelled in deep mud, energy sapping sand, loamy dirt and hard pack conditions around the World. With an extensive range of tyres for all ability levels, the Scorpion family have become the benchmark for novice to Pro riders. 

Series organiser Ken Winstanley commented “It is a great privilege to be associated with Pirelli who manufacture the best Tyre as used by world champions. It is great to give the British Masters riders the opportunity to be part of this great prize package with the Pirelli Scorpion MX Tyres. I am looking forward to a long relationship working with Pirelli UK and look forward to the up and coming season”

Pirelli UK Off Road Racing Manager Barry Urand added, “We’re proud to be involved with the AMCA Wulfsport Masters Championship and thank Ken and his team for this opportunity. With generous prize allocations of Pirelli Scorpion tyres it’s good to know we are helping amateur racers with the running costs of motocross sport. The end of year prize of three places on the excellent Ricky Carmichael University really is the icing and a great opportunity, especially for all young, aspiring riders.”

2013 AMCA Wulfsport Masters Series dates

Round 1 – 9 & 10 March – Preston Docks
Round 2 – 27 & 28 April – Foxhills
Round 3 – 25 & 26 May – Whitby
Round 4 – 15 & 16 June – Hawkstone
Round 5 – 13 & 14 July – Bevercotes
Round 6 – 17 & 18 August – Brookthorpe
Round 7 – 7 & 8 September – Pontrilas
Reserve Date - 27 & 28 July

More information regarding Pirelli’s entire range of off-road and road tyres can be found at

Saturday 2 February 2013

Supercross Crash Compilation

Does your morning need five minutes of Supercross crashes to a soundtrack provided by White Zombie? What do you mean that's how you start every morning? And you brush your teeth with Smirnoff? Man, that's nasty. In this compilation, you'll spot a number of repeat offenders, but we'll leave you to discover who they are. When you aren't busy sucking air through your teeth and wincing while you watch a bunch of guys break bones and eat dirt.

Mega Bargains At The FreestyleXtreme Super Reduction Sale!

Normally a Spring Clean means busting out the feather duster and the marigolds. At FreestyleXtreme, it heralds the ar.rival of something epic... 

Okay, so they might not have given it the most imaginative name but you will forgive them when you see all the money that you can save..

Travis Pastrana Unveils His Wild New NASCAR Paint Job

What the hell is going at the moment? First Ken Block reveals his Miami Vice and Hair Metal-inspired Hoonigan Fiesta. Now Travis Pastrana has gone full-on 1980's with his 2013 NASCAR Mustang.
“I said, ‘I want it bright, I want it bold, and I want it ’80s.’ It’s a little pinker than I had originally planned. I think that was the guys just thinking they were going to try to get me beat up at a NASCAR race,” said Pastrana.
Last year, Pastrana had a disjointed NASCAR program with a Boost Mobile Toyota Camry that was disrupted by injury and commitments to the Global Rally Cross Championship. For 2013, as a driver for Roush Fenway Racing, Pastrana has signed up for a full NASCAR series.

To show his dedication to NASCAR (and satisfy his sponsors Red Bull and DC, who have invested heavily in Pastrana), Travis won't be doing any NASCAR/GRC double shifts and has been warned off from motorbikes. So, anyone expecting to see TP attempting an 'American Roll' this year is going to be disappointed. “Everyone is like, ‘When are you coming back to motorcycles?’” Pastrana said. “For me to say I’m not, a lot of people are like, ‘What the hell, you’re leaving us?’ “I’m like, ‘No, it’s a new challenge.’ I appreciate the fans that stuck with me and hopefully by the end of the season we’ll be in the hunt for some wins. I know we need to win to get the fan base over here.” 

With a colour scheme like that, we certainly won't be able to miss him. Time to get that '199' sticker sorted out though, Travis!