Saturday 2 February 2013

Travis Pastrana Unveils His Wild New NASCAR Paint Job

What the hell is going at the moment? First Ken Block reveals his Miami Vice and Hair Metal-inspired Hoonigan Fiesta. Now Travis Pastrana has gone full-on 1980's with his 2013 NASCAR Mustang.
“I said, ‘I want it bright, I want it bold, and I want it ’80s.’ It’s a little pinker than I had originally planned. I think that was the guys just thinking they were going to try to get me beat up at a NASCAR race,” said Pastrana.
Last year, Pastrana had a disjointed NASCAR program with a Boost Mobile Toyota Camry that was disrupted by injury and commitments to the Global Rally Cross Championship. For 2013, as a driver for Roush Fenway Racing, Pastrana has signed up for a full NASCAR series.

To show his dedication to NASCAR (and satisfy his sponsors Red Bull and DC, who have invested heavily in Pastrana), Travis won't be doing any NASCAR/GRC double shifts and has been warned off from motorbikes. So, anyone expecting to see TP attempting an 'American Roll' this year is going to be disappointed. “Everyone is like, ‘When are you coming back to motorcycles?’” Pastrana said. “For me to say I’m not, a lot of people are like, ‘What the hell, you’re leaving us?’ “I’m like, ‘No, it’s a new challenge.’ I appreciate the fans that stuck with me and hopefully by the end of the season we’ll be in the hunt for some wins. I know we need to win to get the fan base over here.” 

With a colour scheme like that, we certainly won't be able to miss him. Time to get that '199' sticker sorted out though, Travis!

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