Thursday 31 May 2012

Jon Ritchie Getting Warmed Up For Next Wednesday

Want see one of the sickest dead body's in the world? Get on down to the Big Air Jam on June 6th at  Parc Y Scarlets and watch UK rider Jon Richie throw down!


TICKET OFFICE  if you're planning on attending the Big Air Jam please note that the ticket office at Parc y Scarlets will be open 9am-5pm Thurs 31st May /Fri 1st June, 9am-noon Sat 2nd, 10am-4pm Mon 4th & Tues 5th!
Event day prices £12 adult / £7 junior (advance: £10 adult / £5 junior) There are a few VIP Places left. Don`t delay book Now by Calling 0871 871 8088

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Big Air Jam Poster

Help us spread the word for this years Big Air Jam. Print this poster and put it up in your work place collage or school , take a picture of your effort and post it on our Facebook page ,and we`ll hook you up with a nice goodie bag from one of our sponsors!

VIP Ticket Competition

Fancy winning some VIP tickets to the Big Air Jam? Now's your chance with our friends at Freestylextreme !


Pictured (l-r): Cameron Bryant, Callum Ackery, Mark Thomas of MT3, Corey Evans, Kalum Williams, Huw Thomas Senior Youth Worker, Matthew Peake, Sam Peake and pictured front Champion rider Dan Evans, 21, who works at y Bwlch when not out on the track.

Young people who participated in the Bwlch Rangers Motocross Project will be trained as judges at the Big Air Jam freestyle Moto-X Championship, held at Parc y Scarlets, on Wednesday 6th June.
Previously held at Margam Park and Silverstone, the big air jam has a line-up of extreme sports stars and some of the best stunt actions which will be held on mini bikes, trials bikes and BMXs.
The Bwlch scheme, devised by bike enthusiast and Senior Youth Worker Huw Thomas, has captured the imagination of scores of youngsters.

It provides them with a safe environment in which to learn how to ride motorbikes properly, while also gaining qualifications in motor mechanics.

Mr Thomas said: "The group of young people have been trained hard to judge the riders performance, so riders may find themselves facing their harshest critics yet. This is a huge accolade for the young people; they are delighted to be participating in such a prestigious event and are looking forward to be judges on the night.

"The young people appreciate the amount of skills that are required by bikers in these events and know only too well the hard work and dedication it takes to become professional bikers; they are very worthy candidates and I'm so pleased that they have been asked to judge at this level."

Some of the finest freestyle motocross riders in Europe will be showing off their gravity defying skills featuring the UK's best freestyle riders including Chris Birch - X-fighters pilot and current British Champion; Jamie Squibb - former Big Air Jam Champion; John Pearson - first rider in the UK to pull the back flip on a motocross bike; Danny Veale, Stuart Macey, Ben Robinson and Jon Ritchie.Doors open at 6pm and the event promises to be a fun-packed night for all the family.

Gates will open at 6pm to gain access to the South Stand with fairground activities available from 4pm. For further information on the event, please visit or to purchase tickets, please call Parc y Scarlets' Ticket Office on0871 871 8088.

Sunday 27 May 2012

FMX Trick List - Bar Tricks

Shoalin Bar Hop 



Dead Body

Stale Fish

The freestyle motocross, bar hop trick is a relatively easy trick to learn. It also serves as the base move for other, more advanced tricks, some riders get on well with bar tricks, some then tend to shy away from them depending on the learning experience of the bar tricks. It can be very easy with the bar tricks to get caught up with the feet and end a pile on the floor!  Once a rider has mastered the basic Bar Hop of getting the legs through the bars, and when the bar Hop Has been perfected and stretched out , variations can then follow such as the Shoalin Bar Hop and then the super stretched out Dead Body. Also once you`ve got a Bar Hop dialled there is also the Mcmetz , where a rider will let go of both hands on the handle bars so the feet can be brought back around on to the bike and the rider then grabbing back on to the handle bars. Stale Fish a kind of wrapping the legs around one the arms on the bars .Sterilizer which if you can do bar hop is basically landing the bike in the bar hop position being sat on the handle bars when landing.A rider can also work on putting the feet on to the top of the bars and then work on the Cordova where a rider places the feet on to the bars and then arches the body back .The stripper is a kind of mixture of the bar hop and Cordova , where in the Cordova position a rider puts one foot through the bars.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Trick List - Cliff Hanger

Jack Hammer
Cliff Hanger

Christ Air
The rider stands up straight in the air with feet on the underside of bars, some riders like to clamp their feet to the top part of the fork legs , this is why some time you ll see riders use grip tape on the top part of the fork legs to help with grip.Cliff hanger can then take on a few forms , such as the Christ Air & Jack Hammer depending what the rider does with his hands and body once the feet are hooked under the handle bars! A Christ air variation of the cliff hanger the rider will look like they are stretch out looking as far back as possible with the feet tucked under the bars.The jack hammer will look like a tall stretched out version of the cliff hanger.

Monday 21 May 2012

Trick List - Back Flip

Chris Birch Upside Down On His KTM 250

In 1998, Adam Owsley did a complete backflip into a pond on a KX250. Carey Hart was the first to attempt one to dirt at the 2000 Gravity Games, nearly riding away but suffering a crash after over-rotating his flip off the backside of a landing. Pastrana also attempted a similar one off the same year at XGames after his run. In 2001, Carey attempted one again at the XGames best trick competition, and crashed badly when he came off his bike while beginning his rotation. In April 2002, Caleb Wyatt tried several off of a specially made dirt hill, and eventually rode away from an attempt. Only months later in the summer of 2002, It was 2005 before the first back flip was pulled by a UK rider , and that rider was John Pearson from Preston at local riding spot to John on a step up.At the Big Air Jam 2006 competition John achieved gold in the sick trick competition by flipping the big gaps !  In the UK there are only a few riders now and still performing the Back flip John being the first and one of those select few, Chris Birch another rider who has stepped up and now has the back flip and over the winter months been working on combination  variations of the flip over 75ft ramp gap.
John Pearson First Uk Rider To Flip Out 

Sunday 20 May 2012

Win VIP Passes With Dirt Bike Rider

Our friends at Dirt Bike Rider are running a competition where 5 Pairs of VIP Passes are up for grabs. For your chance to win some VIP passes for this years Big Air Jam at Parc Y Scarlets on Wednesday June 6th Click Here  

Saturday 19 May 2012

Trick List - Superman Seat Grab

Superman seat grab - Carey Hart was the first person to publicly do this BMX trick at the first IFMA events in 1998-1999, and since then the seat grab has evolved some what from the early days. Riders can now vary the Standard Seat grab in many ways, and one of the first ways a rider will try to improve their stock seat grab,by crossing the legs and making it into an Indian Air Seat Grab. From here a rider will try to work on getting the Seat Grab inverted , meaning the rider will progress to try and get their feet up above their head making the Seat Grab into a Hart Attack Seat Grab. It is then possible to style up the Hart Attack Seat Grab ,by either arching the legs and back, the Scorpion Hart Attack Seat Grab, or again by crossing the legs and making it in to a Hart Attack Seat Grab Indian Air. Also by getting the head to look back adds a certain style value.  A rider can then add more technical value to the Seat Grab combinations by either doing all the variations mention previously with 2 hands the Double Grab and all the variations as mentioned,  or by either hanging on to the seat with just one hand Seat Grab and all the variations. A rider in the early days of their FMX career will be keen to get the Seat Grab on to their trick list as many other tricks can then be achieved in quick succession once the basic seat grab has been nailed.
Superman Seat Grab
Superman Seat Grab Indian Air
Hart Attack Seat Grab
Scorpion Seat Grab

One Handed Superman Seat Grab Indian Air
One Handed Hart Attack Seat Grab Indian Air
Double Seat Grab

Double Grab Hart Attack

What Time Is It ? 9 O'Clock Nac Time

This trick was first done by Travis Prastrana at X Games 2001. The rider lifts body of the seat and then hangs off the bars in the 9 O'Clock position. Riders can then progress this trick further, like chris Birch bellow making it a Crack Nac and for extra radness throw the bike into a massive whip and you ve got a flat liner dialed 

For extra radness throw the bike into a massive whip and you ve got a flat liner dialed 

Wednesday 16 May 2012

FMX Tricks - Dead Body

The Dead Body move Invented by Drake Mcelroy. Riders would start of with a simple bar hop , just getting the feet and legs over the bars and keep pushing it until the body is laid out flat over bars and the front of the bike.Here we can see Jon Ritchie giving a whole new meaning to the word stretched out Dead Body!

Pirelli Go Big With The Big Air Jam Freestyle MX Series!

The Pirelli supported Big Air Jam Freestyle Moto-X Championship promises to be an evening to remember with stunts, BMX, entertainment, music, a fairground and of course some seriously ‘Big Air’!

Held at Parc y Scarlets, Llanelli on the evening of Wednesday 6th June, the Big Air Jam has a line-up of extreme sports stars each looking to put on the best show at this always popular event. Previously held at Margam Park and Silverstone, the competition will make its debut at Parc y Scarlets Llanelli guided by organisers MT3.

The radical competition will feature some of the biggest names in Freestyle MX including Chris Birch – X Fighters pilot and current British Champion, Jamie Squibb - former Big Air Jam Champion, John Pearson - first rider in the UK to pull the back flip on a motocross bike; Danny Veale, Stuart Macey, Ben Robinson and Jon Ritchie. Each rider will have different disciplines to impress the crowd with including a two minute trick comp, best trick and best ‘whip’ as they throw the bikes sideways in the air as far as possible.

As well as the Freestyle competitions the event will run Big Stunt Wars featuring some of the best stunt action to be had on mini bikes, trials bikes, and BMX. Participating in the Stunt Wars will be Kye Forte - former BMX World Champion, Gary Jenkins - Welsh Trials Champion and Mark Thomas - mini-bike stunt rider, all of which will be hoping to break World Records on the evening.

Pirelli UK Product and Marketing Manager, Jim Worland commented, “The Big Air jam is a real community event combining entertainment and freestyle MX. We’re proud to support the event and will be looking forward to seeing the action on the night!”

With live DJ’s, a fairground, trade stands, the Pit Party where you can live and breathe the sights, smells and adrenaline aswell as having special backstage access to meet some of the riders and hospitality there’s so much to see and do. Tickets are on sale from Parc y Scarlets ticket office 0871 871 8088

Tuesday 15 May 2012

FMX Tricks - Tsunami

This trick was created by Nate Adams. The rider's legs are curled backward over the front of the bike while looking back between the bars.A  rider can then further improve on this by getting the bike and body in one vertical line, it then becomes a ruler which scores even further with the judges!

Monday 14 May 2012

FMX Tricks - Rock Solid

This trick was invented in 2002 by Chris "The Rock" Rourke. It`s considered by many as the nearest experience to actual flying. This Freestyle motocross trick is  where by a rider is completely free as a bird in flight. Its the next trick a rider would want to learn after getting the double grab trick dialled! For maximum Radness riders throw a rock solid it to the mix after a Holy Grab and try to get back on for a sweet spot landing.

Friday 11 May 2012

FMX Trick List The Double Grab Hart Attack

Chris Birch Stretching Out A Double Grab Hart Attack 
This is a difficult trick to execute.Riders tend to start off with seat grabs and progress to double grabs and  then they try to grab the seat with both hands while raising legs into vertical position and looking back. Riders can can vary this up and make it into a  scorpion  basically a curled hart attack.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Kye Forte King Of Stunts?

Not content with offering you the very best of freestyle action we'll also see the return of the Big Stunt Wars competition at half time featuring some of the best stunt action to be had on mini bikes, trails bikes, and BMX. Participating in the Stunt Wars will be Kye Forte a trail rider supreme, Kye’s smooth style has previously seen him crowned Dirt Jumping World Champion. When he’s not jetting around the globe taking part in competitions, you’ll find him manning a digger and creating new trails back home, with Joy Division turned up to 11 on his iPod natch.

Monday 7 May 2012

Need a foam pit to learn back flips? Not this kid Ben Robinson!

Ben Robinson new kid on the block in the world of  freestyle motocross here in the UK. Ben 26 years old from Eastbourne East Sussex winner of the AFMX jam back late summer attempting a backflip with no foam pit or practice .Crazy or brave we re still trying to work that one out, But be sure to check out his skills at this years Big Air Jam Wednesday June 6th at Parc Y Scarlets Llanelli.

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Ryan Pasch Looking To Go Big!

Ryan Pasch the very likeable lad form Leicestershire, confirms his spot in this year Big Air Jam .Pasch winner of the 2006 Big Air Jam amateur  competition, got the bug for riding FMX at a Xray Jump clinic in 2003. Since then he has been working on his bike skills over the last few years. Pasch  is a regular on the freestyle motocross demonstration circuit, travelling all round the UK showing off his big bike skills at any thing from  garden parties to International Motorsport events .Ryan is one of a few in the UK with a full size foam pit in his back garden and has recently been putting the hours in, to work on his "A" game ready for this years Big Air Jam in the hope of top honours.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Resident of LAMERICA Craig Bartlett On The Decks For Big Air Jam 2012

Craig Bartlett Born in 1968 , Husband & Father, DJ/Promoter.began DJing in 1990, being a resident at the only two nights dedicated to house music in Cardiff at the time.

In 1993 when a brand new concept 'Spice Of Life' was born Craig was asked to be involved. This night changed the face of clubbing in Wales introducing the city to a wider audience and it also meant that guest DJ's knew where it was, (Cardiff that is). Craig has since played all over Wales and West.

Craig has been fortunate to travel extensively, spreading his soulful House ethos around the world at such places Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denamark, Holland, Slovenia, Croatia, New York, Miami, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Majorca, Sicily, Sardinia, Germany, Brazil, Columbia, Ireland, Scotland and so many more. Regular appearances at the Miami Winter Music Conference, Pacha, Space, El Divino, Es Paradis, Eden, Cafe del mar, Mambos, Savannah in Ibiza. Ipm Rome.

On Not too distant Shores Craig makes regular visits to Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Leeds and Sheffield. Making regular appearances for The Southport Weekender, Suncebeat, Soul Heaven, Vocal Booth Weekender, Mn2s, Groove Odyssey, Kinky Malinky, Faith, East Village, Zoo Groove Stereo and many many more.

Craig Bartlett has now firmly established himself as the Ambassador for 'Proper' House Music in Wales and the West. LAMERICA has grown in popularity since its inception in 1998. LAMERICA has built up a reputation, second to none for promoting real house music. The glamorous house night has gone from strength to strength. The vibe is friendly, educated, electric and second to no one! The music policy is real house music, from sweet soulful house to urban jackin house and everything in between. LAMERICA draw the biggest DJ's from the likes of, MAW, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Roger Sanchez, Jazzie B, Jazzy Jeff, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter, Junior Jack & Kid Creme, Sandy Rivera, Joey Negro, Timmy Regisford, plus live performances from such names as Arnold Jarvis, Barbara Tucker, Michard Watford. LAMERICA recently celebrated 13 years of real house.What about the rest of 2008 and the future? More of the same, lots of great Dj's playing a variety of Entertaining Music.LAMERICA will be (if not already) one of the best nights in the UK and coming to Big Air Jam 2012.