Sunday 28 April 2013

X Games Brazil: Taka Higashino and Lance Coury Get Gold + Jackson Strong Freestyle X Crash

X Games in Brazil might not have worked out great for Ken Block, Travis Pastrana or Tanner Foust. But the weekend of events at Foz do IguaƧu still saw it's fair share of winners. Check out the winning run from Taka Higashino in Moto X Freestyle X (landing him another gold medal after his performance in Los Angeles) and watch Lance Coury triumphing over Andre Villa to win Moto X Speed and Style.

Even despite Best Trick being removed from the events line-up, Moto X wasn't completely free from injury - Australian Jackson Strong under-rotated a backflip in his Freestyle X run, leaving him with concussion and a broken right tibia. The rider is fine though and posting on his Facebook page after being released from hospital

Sunday 14 April 2013

Levi Sherwood: Home Again - Episode1 (Part 1 & 2)

2012 was a greater year for Kiwi FMX rider Levi Sherwood but his crowning achievement has to be his position as the current reigning Red Bull X-Fighters champion. Which probably explains why Sherwood has been treated to his own Red Bull series. Taking advantage of some downtime before the next X-Fighters, Levi takes us around his compound, reflects on the events of the last season and, in the second video below, shows us how he likes to spend some of his free time. Basically, go karting and fishing. Doesn't sound too bad.

#RECOIL - Ballistic BJ Baldwin in his Monster Truck

We love the internet. The days of boring commercials are long gone, and have been replaced by incredible infomercials such as this one, released yesterday from Monster Energy. In essence, it's a dude driving through the desert (and into Las Vegas) in a trophy truck. Really quite quickly. Starting out in his garage, BJ Baldwin heads out to a casino in Vegas. While doing so, he happens to stumble across a rather attractive young lady, who appears to have broken down in her Nissan GT-R. Nightmare. As the gentleman that he is, he stopped to pick her up and take her to the casino. To make sure they get to said casino in time, he jumps, drifts and occasionally flies through the desert in spectacular fashion. That's pretty much the size of it! Now for our opinion.. Overall, it's a pretty darn cool. They are trying a little hard in places (notably the girl who gets covered in dirt), but it's worth spending the 5 minutes to have a watch. GNARLY BRO!

The Best Moto Heli Video of all time?

Brett Cue Road 2 XGAMES Episode 4 Heli Shoot from WhiskeyThrottleTV on Vimeo.

Getting into the X Games is an awful lot easier said than done. If you aren't part of the elite, you'll need to create a couple of awesome videos and hope you're in luck. Brett Cue has produced (or Whiskey Throttle TV) what can only be described as one of the greatest heli shoot videos of all time. Yup, it really is that good. The video features Brett launching his dirt scooter around a really cool MX track, as well as throwing a couple of gnarly whips, lazy-boys and hitting some sweet berms. Watch. Enjoy. Dream. Then repeat. (Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!)