Sunday 14 April 2013

#RECOIL - Ballistic BJ Baldwin in his Monster Truck

We love the internet. The days of boring commercials are long gone, and have been replaced by incredible infomercials such as this one, released yesterday from Monster Energy. In essence, it's a dude driving through the desert (and into Las Vegas) in a trophy truck. Really quite quickly. Starting out in his garage, BJ Baldwin heads out to a casino in Vegas. While doing so, he happens to stumble across a rather attractive young lady, who appears to have broken down in her Nissan GT-R. Nightmare. As the gentleman that he is, he stopped to pick her up and take her to the casino. To make sure they get to said casino in time, he jumps, drifts and occasionally flies through the desert in spectacular fashion. That's pretty much the size of it! Now for our opinion.. Overall, it's a pretty darn cool. They are trying a little hard in places (notably the girl who gets covered in dirt), but it's worth spending the 5 minutes to have a watch. GNARLY BRO!

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