Big Air Jam

What Is the Big Air Jam ?

Big air Jam is a radical competition designed to thrill spectators with a high-profile packaged form of off-road bike riding. The riders are pure athletes who have taken the sport of Moto-Cross to the next level of entertainment and perform acrobatic stunts over ramps between 50 to 80 feet long. The machines are modified Moto-Cross bikes with stiffer suspension designed to cope with the hard landings. The motorcycles also have a number of other modifications essential to equip them for the strains and stresses of this extreme sport. Riders frequently sail between ramps at heights approaching 40 feet. The further the jump and the higher the altitude, the longer the period of “negative G-force” and the more ambitious the resultant antics.

Who Rides At the Big Air Jam ?

The riders in the Big Air Jam can come from a variety of motorcycling disciplines but a background in Moto-Cross itself is the usual breeding ground. An ability to control a bike whilst potentially out of control is a must.

Who Watches Freestyle Moto-Cross?

A wide cross section of fans comes to watch freestyle Moto-Cross. The combined experience of sight, sound and smells in a confined space makes for a truly multi-dimensional spectacle. Freestyle is thrilling and accessible. Spectators are often just feet away from the action as man and machine sail through the air in outrageous attitudes defying gravity itself. Such is the breathtaking nature of this sport that wild and enthusiastic spectator reaction will often spur the “gladiators of the ring” into even more amazing feats.

Freestyle Motocross History

Freestyle Moto-X was established in the mid 90’s and in the intervening years has grown into one of the worlds most popular extreme sports with a huge audience world-wide. It began as a demonstration event at the 1998 Cross Games in the United States and was an instant success. Since then the sport has grown dramatically and attracted many professional Super-Cross and Moto-Cross riders with its glamour and instant recognition factor. Initially organise on dirt surfaces with man-made dirt ramps, the sport quickly evolved with larger metal and wood fabricated ramps providing a more consistent and dramatic launch platform. The ease of assembly and transportation of the man-made equipment meant that the sport could be brought to the audience thus maximising spectator attendance. A Freestyle show can be held in a Supermarket car-park, on a football field or even outside your average high-street shop. The corporate appeal and commercial advantages of this ease of access has lead to Freestyle becoming a powerful marketing tool. In its short life span, the sport has grown tenfold with new and more radical stunts projecting the sport to new heights year on year. The X Games is just one of the many successful Freestyle series now evident around the globe. This infectious sport has caught the imagination of arena promoters and entertainment management companies world-wide. Freestyle Moto-Cross is truly an International spectacle. The world of true Moto-Cross owes much to Freestyle and the hard work and determination of a few dedicated riders. The once elusive Moto-Cross 360 degree backflip existed only in rider's minds before Carey Hart made history with a near stick at the 2000 Gravity Games. Now the backflip is thrown at will by a handful of riders and will certainly find itself in the repertoire of more riders in the future

The Future and Big Air Jam

A strong leadership and evolution programme, a high level of professionalism with vision and expertise has already assured the future success of the Big Air Jam. Discerning and enthusiastic fans understand and respect the time, commitment and dedication needed to make a Freestyle event happen. They show their feelings audibly and visually and turn out in their tens of thousands around the world to see men defy gravity. Big Air Jam is here for you in the UK. There has never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of being associated with this event. CROWDS Freestyle Moto-Cross has become a leading spectator attraction in the past five years, and is now one of the world’s most top crowd-pullers. Many shows have repeatedly drawn numbers of spectators rivalling major football, cricket and rugby audiences. The formula is simple. Big Air Jam and Freestyle Moto-Cross offers unrivalled entertainment at very affordable prices. The thrill of athletes jumping 40 feet in the air pulling acrobatic stunts over gaps approaching 100 feet is a sight to behold and challenges the very senses. All this can be brought to your door and is a unique way to stimulate and entertain large or small audiences. The Big Air Jam team members can be seen all round the UK and world-wide. UK travel is second nature to us and we could come to a town near you.

Big Air Jam offers a wide range of opportunities unique in motor sport today making Big Air Jam A “must have” for the brand wishing to be associated with a dynamic, modern concept. Why invest in antiquated marketing ideas when Big Air Jam can literally put your exposure “through the roof”. Additional exposure comes from internet and viral video packages as the Big Air Jam is beamed into millions of homes annually. Big Air Jam team members are busy around the country on a weekly basis and exposure is extensive across all Regional Markets. The novelty value of Big Air Jam is guaranteed to attract awareness unprecedented in other high profile sporting events and offers “money can’t buy” experiences to corporate guests.

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