Tuesday 29 December 2009

Monster Energy's Johnny Greaves 'Leap of Faith' World Record Truck Jump

What began as a relatively calm morning in the southern California foothills just outside San Diego literally became the stuff Guinness Book of World Records are made of when Monster Energys Johnny Greaves came roaring down a dirt road at 105 mile per hour and launched his 3,800-pound, 800-horsepower TORC off-road PRO 2WD Toyota through the air over the length of an NFL football field.

Landing quite peacefully some 301-feet later despite the overall violent nature of the jump. Greaves looped back around and was met by his Monster Energy/Toyota Motorsports team and off-road racing teammate McGrath.

He made it look good, made it look easy. But that jump was frickin huge, said McGrath.

With a spectrum of measuring and surveying equipment on hand, Greaves added more than 100 feet to the previous 2WD distance truck jumping record of 193-feet set last year.

I was a little bit nervous, Greaves admitted the day of the jump. I woke up and I was going to go ride down there and look at the ramp and talk about what we need to do, but my brother was already in Jeremys horse barn tearing the truck apart and getting the gearing right and I was like, All right, its on!

With a gap of 200 feet (between the take-off and landing peaks), Greaves knew anything below 100 mph on the in-run would cause him to auger into the face of the landing. But with some spot-on mathematical calculations provided by his crew, and, believe-it-or-not, some tips on flying a truck like a dirt bike from McGrath, Greaves pulled off one of the most amazing motorsports distance jumps in history.

Yeah, you can really manipulate the flight of the truck with the rear wheels just like a dirt bike, said Greaves. Id actually hit the jump and rag the brake a little to get it to flatten out. Once I got the feel for that then I was like All right, Im good. Lets hit this wide open!

Wide open in a 800-horse, 351-cubic inch NASCAR Truck motor emits an awesome sound. But Greaves would be a bit impervious to that, with all attention focused on the take-off-point, then, in vain, to spot any discernable landmarks once airborne. It looked like a house in front of me, he said. And when I hit it, you were up there so high that I couldnt even see the ravine or valley until the truck started rotating down.

Touching back down onto McGraths property and into the pages of the upcoming Guinness Book of World Records Greaves and his team were elated with the Monster effort. And when asked if this at all compares to the thrill of racing Traxxas Off Road Championship (TORC) at places like Crandon (Wis.) and Bark River (Mich.) where Greaves is a household name, much like McGrath in Monster Energy AMA Supercross, the grin his face said it all.

Im not a stuntman or a jump guy, but Monster gave me the opportunity to do this and I took it, he said. Its the greatest thrill Ive ever had. You cant believe how long youre in the air, just up there in this massive truck floating through the air.

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Big Air Jam 2009

Big Air Jam 2009, originally uploaded by bigairjam.

Monday 20 July 2009

Big Air Jam 09 Video

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Big Air Jam Results

The big winners at this year's Big Air Jam have been announced:

Best Run Finals
1. Jamie Squibb
2. Samson Eaton
3. Daniel Whitby
4. John Pearson
5. Danny Veale
6. Arron Powley
7. Neil Kirby

Sick Trick
1. John Pearson
2. Jamie Squibb
3. Daniel Whitby
4. Neil Kirby
5.Arron Powley
6. Samson Eaton
7. Danny Veale

Whip Contest
1. Jamie Squibb
2. Samson Eaton
3. Danny Veale
4. John Pearson

Saturday 11 July 2009

Freestylextreme and Big Air Jam

Freestylextreme has now crossed over to almost all forms of extreme sport, alternative lifestyle and even music. They continue to focus their efforts on contributing something different, whilst providing the niche brands and products that you just can’t find anywhere else. Freestylextreme, sponsors of the Big Air Jam, will have a load quality items for sale at bargain prices only available at the Big Air Jam.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Big Air Jam Art Competition

To enter the competition we would like you to design a poster of the event using your own drawing and painting skills. Simply design a poster for this year's Big Air Jam. Download and print an entry form http://www.bigairjam.com/competition.php together with your art work and completed entry form send it in to the address on the entry form, and you could be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes, including a nice new BMX. Go get painting and good luck!

Monday 1 June 2009

Big Air Jam TV Add


Freestylextreme continues the support for the Big Air Jam in 2009, and will have an unique set up for all to see on July 15th. The Freestylextreme team concept started in 2003 in western Ireland, when a small group of riders and extreme sports enthusiasts saw a gap in the market, decided to take a chance and tried to exploit it.
Thanks to the success of the website; the whole thing has snow balled , A market leading multilingual website, mail order, European distribution, live events and even manufacture are some of the areas the company has expanded into. J Since the start we’ve believed strongly in sponsorship and giving back to the industry we love.

Bolddog Crew Sign Up

Daniel Whitby the first man in the UK to flip a 4 stroke in The UK will be heading to Margam Park bringing with them the aweome sound of the Honda 250f, along with fellow Bolddog team members Samson Eaton , Arron Powley and Ben Peters. As Honda’s official and the UK’s number one motorcycle display team, the Bolddog Lings team travel all around Europe and the UK and have the world’s largest and most sophisticated mobile landing system.
The Bolddog riders have all the latest heart stopping tricks as usually only seen on TV. The team set the standard 12 years ago and now continues to push the boundaries of FMX and lead the way for all motorcycle display teams and will be looking for top spot finishes At the Big Air Jam.

Garys Back

Gary Jenkins is the Welsh Trials Champion and in 2007 at the very first Big Stunt Wars competition Gary Impressed the judges (the Crowd) with his bike skill and ability to look good in lycra whilst balancing and riding his bike. With the Loudest cheer going to the Super Bike Guys. Gary is looking to take the title “King Of Stunts” from the Super Bike guys this year, and has a few surprises up his sleeve, stay tuned .

Big Stunt Wars

Big Air Jam will see the return of the Big Stunt Wars Competition. Today we can confirm the Bolddog mini bike stunt Team will be competing for the coveted title King Of Stunts in the Half time interval .The Bolddog Lings Minibike Team provide a unique, non-stop show, using Britain’s best motocross and extreme sports participants, introducing the mobile Minibike freestyle ramp.
This Bolddog Lings Minibike Team is simply a scaled down version of it's bigger brother The Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team, even the equiptment looks the same just scaled down.
There’s a good chance with in the competition you’ll see UK’s top minibike freestyle Arran Powley perform some back flip variations, yes, back flips with a trick thrown in while he’s upside down!

The Big Man Pasch Confirms for Big Air Jam

Ryan Pasch one of the new generation of up and coming fmx riders in the uk,Ryan confirms his place at the Big Air Jam .Ryan Has been putting a lot of hours in to his trick list since his win in the very first Big Air Jam AM Comp. He is now a regular with the UKFMX team touring all round the UK. He is one of a few riders in the UK with a foam pit. Will he have the flip to his Trick list list? Stayed tuned.

Back Flip John Confirmed

John Pearson has confirmed for Big Air Jam 2009 .John who was the first rider in the uk to pull the infamous backflip on a full sized bike on UK soil some 4 years ago. Since then John Has perfected the flip and pulls long distance flips on a regular basis all around the UK with his team Broke FMX . Johns unique gutsy riding style was enough to secure the win in the Best Trick at the Very first Big Air Jam event in 2006.

Squibb Signs Up to Big Air JAm

Jamie Squibb signs up for Big Air Jam, Since the age of 6 Jamie has been a two wheel fanatic with a determination to get both wheels off the ground at any opportunity. As he grew and progressed to full on motocross race bikes, the increased power and suspension allowed the possibility of getting seriously airborne. A nearby quarry and woods provided endless possibilities with almost sheer rock faces and spoil heaps galore.
Now with greater airtime and inspired by the visual display of one or two world class motocross riders, Jamie decided to follow suit – and put on a local ‘jump’ party for a few close friends – but in almost total darkness.
Soon afterwards, the first ever stadium supercross event was held in the UK. Jamie decided to have a go and suddenly found himself running head to head with all his heroes. He made his mark, coming runner up to the world champion in the interval ‘freestyle jump’ contest - and this his first ever public appearance! As they say, the rest is history. Jamie soon became the UK’s number 1 FMX rider and has represented Britain in Dubai, South Africa, Belgium, and many other shores, including getting massive TV coverage throughout the whole world for the last 2 years .Jamie will be trying to score top marks with the judges at the Big Air Jam and will be accompanied by riding partner Neil Kirby.

Big Air Jam

Presenting the UK`s hottest FMX athletes in an action packed airborne battle to decide who can pull the best trick, the biggest air, the sickest whip or even the nastiest crash! Some of the finest freestyle motocross riders in Europe will be showing off their gravity defying skills featuring the UK’s best freestyle riders including, Jamie Squibb, John Person, Danny Veale, Daniel Whitby, Samson Eaton, Ryan Pasch plus many more fantastic freestyle athletes. At half time the return of “Big Stunt Wars" competition featuring some of the best stunt action to be had on mini bikes, trails bikes, and super bikes.The event is being held at Margam Park, near Port Talbot, South Wales, on Wednesday 15th July. Gates open from 6pm with the action starting at 7pm. Admission is just £10 for adults, £5 for teenagers and FREE for under 12`s when accompanied by an adult* with free parking thrown in for a real bargain nights entertainment.*(Must be accompanied by adult maximum one child per adult otherwise under 12`s will be charged £5 per child)
For more info check out the website http://www.bigairjam.com/