Monday 1 June 2009

Squibb Signs Up to Big Air JAm

Jamie Squibb signs up for Big Air Jam, Since the age of 6 Jamie has been a two wheel fanatic with a determination to get both wheels off the ground at any opportunity. As he grew and progressed to full on motocross race bikes, the increased power and suspension allowed the possibility of getting seriously airborne. A nearby quarry and woods provided endless possibilities with almost sheer rock faces and spoil heaps galore.
Now with greater airtime and inspired by the visual display of one or two world class motocross riders, Jamie decided to follow suit – and put on a local ‘jump’ party for a few close friends – but in almost total darkness.
Soon afterwards, the first ever stadium supercross event was held in the UK. Jamie decided to have a go and suddenly found himself running head to head with all his heroes. He made his mark, coming runner up to the world champion in the interval ‘freestyle jump’ contest - and this his first ever public appearance! As they say, the rest is history. Jamie soon became the UK’s number 1 FMX rider and has represented Britain in Dubai, South Africa, Belgium, and many other shores, including getting massive TV coverage throughout the whole world for the last 2 years .Jamie will be trying to score top marks with the judges at the Big Air Jam and will be accompanied by riding partner Neil Kirby.

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