Monday 1 June 2009

Big Stunt Wars

Big Air Jam will see the return of the Big Stunt Wars Competition. Today we can confirm the Bolddog mini bike stunt Team will be competing for the coveted title King Of Stunts in the Half time interval .The Bolddog Lings Minibike Team provide a unique, non-stop show, using Britain’s best motocross and extreme sports participants, introducing the mobile Minibike freestyle ramp.
This Bolddog Lings Minibike Team is simply a scaled down version of it's bigger brother The Bolddog Lings Freestyle Team, even the equiptment looks the same just scaled down.
There’s a good chance with in the competition you’ll see UK’s top minibike freestyle Arran Powley perform some back flip variations, yes, back flips with a trick thrown in while he’s upside down!

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