Sunday 27 May 2012

FMX Trick List - Bar Tricks

Shoalin Bar Hop 



Dead Body

Stale Fish

The freestyle motocross, bar hop trick is a relatively easy trick to learn. It also serves as the base move for other, more advanced tricks, some riders get on well with bar tricks, some then tend to shy away from them depending on the learning experience of the bar tricks. It can be very easy with the bar tricks to get caught up with the feet and end a pile on the floor!  Once a rider has mastered the basic Bar Hop of getting the legs through the bars, and when the bar Hop Has been perfected and stretched out , variations can then follow such as the Shoalin Bar Hop and then the super stretched out Dead Body. Also once you`ve got a Bar Hop dialled there is also the Mcmetz , where a rider will let go of both hands on the handle bars so the feet can be brought back around on to the bike and the rider then grabbing back on to the handle bars. Stale Fish a kind of wrapping the legs around one the arms on the bars .Sterilizer which if you can do bar hop is basically landing the bike in the bar hop position being sat on the handle bars when landing.A rider can also work on putting the feet on to the top of the bars and then work on the Cordova where a rider places the feet on to the bars and then arches the body back .The stripper is a kind of mixture of the bar hop and Cordova , where in the Cordova position a rider puts one foot through the bars.

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