Sunday 15 May 2016

Watch Jacko Strong preparing the infamous 12-pack for his Headstong film


It takes a lot of effort to look that effortless

We love a good edit or action-sports movie. Almost any kind too - whether it's FMX, surfing or Extreme Ironing - the balance of performance and reality makes for something you can be blown away and inspired by.
But we're also big fans of a decent behind the scenes video - they're often the part we most look forward to. They're a chance to show just how much hard work and effort goes into making something look effortless and cool as f**k. And this video fits the bill, as we look behind one of our favourite movies of last year: Jackson Strong's "Headstrong".
One of the movie's centrepieces was the insane "12-pack" run of jumps, and here we get a look at just how much refinement and care went into making sure Jacko was on the right side of the thin line between epic and disaster.


  1. woah, you really have a great training experience of motorcycling that is why how beautifully you have covered that distance with a great jump. Wonderful!

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