Thursday 26 September 2013

New Alpinestars MX boot range

Alpinestars has unveiled its new Tech 10 boots, in what could be a direct response to the Fox’s new Instinct boot line. As well as being lower profile and lighter than previous incarnations, the new Tech 10 boasts enhanced shin blade protection and a more secure buckle system. The outcome is a more flexible boot which better protects against hyperextension, and which should require less adjusting once out on a bike. Astars work for years researching and developing these bad-boys, so it’s unlikely the changes are a knee-jerk reaction to the guys in California, but it’s good to see no-one’s resting on their achievements – and if you want a pair of pro-level boots you’ve got more options than ever. One of the best things to see is the technical breakthroughs working their way down the range into the mid and even entry level boots. The Tech 7’s have seen an update alongside the 10’s and share a lot of the advancements including the new buckle system and a reduced weight and profile. Even the Tech 3’s now use a bonded sole and offer better protection and flexibility than ever for a new rider. Check out the full range for yourself at

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