Sunday 28 October 2012

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Jump

The last time we saw anything from Hot Wheels, we witnessed Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy perform the Double Loop Dare at this year's X Games.

However, the toy company hasn't ceased its mission to recreate some of the stunts that we used to attempt with model cars in real life. Such as this - the corkscrew jump.

Unlike the Double Loop Dare - which was performed live - we're always slightly dubious about these performances. We're not saying that the corkscrew jump wasn't performed (after all, stuntmen nailed the exact same stunt back in 1974 during the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun), it's just that these Hot Wheels videos like to add a bit too much Hollywood.

Not that the Hot Wheels people seem that fussed - it's just a bit of fun. Demonstrated pretty aptly in the video below, when suddenly they need racing legend Mario Andretti in a jet-powered El Camino to help the car get up to speed...

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  1. Thanks for sharing the show here. I believe there is some problem with the video as I tried to open it several times but couldn't open it. Maybe its removed or something. Reupload if possible.