Sunday 7 October 2012

Knees Down With The Underbone Scooter 2012 Suzuki Indoprix

After Freestylextreme found these great pictures from the 2012 Suzuki Indoprix of a bunch of Indonesian guys giving it the full, knee-down beans on a bunch of skinny-wheeled 'peds we had to find out more...
If you haven't heard of 'underbone' bikes before, these little 125cc bikes are insanely popular in the Phillipines. Essentially, the are scooters with a tubular frame and plastic, non-structural panels to give them a racy look. With an average power output from 7 - 16 bhp, we've also read that underbones are statistically responsible for 90% of all road accidents in Indonesia.
So, what better for the basis of a racing series? That said, you need only search for a few videos for 'Suzuki Raider 150' to discover that these little bikes are capable of some seriously impressive speeds when subject to modification.
Unlike the 125cc MotoGP races, for some reason we find these images highly amusing.

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