Friday 25 January 2013


Snowmobiling is not a year-round activity, and even the best riders with long backgrounds in the snow find other things to do in the warmer months. Many, such as 10-time SnoCross medalist Tucker Hibbert, race motocross. Some athletes in Snowmobile Best Trick and Freestyle actually launched their careers on the dirt first with motorcycles and ATVs. When the opportunity to double down and make a name at a place called Buttermilk Mountain opened up, several riders seized it. With a diverse set of skills, riders such as Daniel Bodin (bikes), and the Moore brothers (ATVs) have found their biggest success while moonlighting as snowmobile hucksters. More medals equal more notoriety and more notoriety means more shows, demonstrations and other paying gigs on sleds, bikes and quads.

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