Friday 25 January 2013

2013 Winter X Games Snowmobile Wipeouts

The Winter X Games kicked off last night and the competition at Aspen has already resulted in some great action - and some pretty gnarly crashes, particularly in the Snowmobile Freestyle contest. If you didn't appreciate how ballsy these Snowmbile guys were before now, this collection of crashes will prove that flipping 200kgs worth of machine (about double the weight of a dirt bike) is far from easy. And you're really going to know about it should it land on your head if you fall off. Last night, three of the competitors - Texan brothers Caleb and Colton Moore and Swede Daniel Bodin - experienced some nasty accidents during the finals. Both Caleb Moore and Bodin suffered from the front skis digging into the snow while trying land, while Colton Moore over-rotated and looks like he injured his hip but we are awaiting further details. Their mistakes helped contribute to American Levi LaVaelle walking away with the X Games Gold medal.

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